Latex Girls

The material is made from the milky sap of the Brazilian Hevea. Latex is elastic, tightly fits the body, creating a second skin effect, emphasizes the sexuality of the image and the attractiveness of the figure. The material accurately repeats the curves of the body both at rest and in movement.

  • Covering a girl in latex provides aesthetic pleasure and pleasant tactile sensations. Wearing a jumpsuit, underwear or other clothes made of latex, you get an opportunity to express yourself in different, including unusual, spheres of life:
  • To please and surprise your partner;
  • Realize your sexual fantasies and do role-playing to prove to themselves and others their sexuality, emancipation;
  • Take part in a photo shoot;
  • Play the role of Catwoman at a children’s matinee;
  • Perform the role of a vamp woman at an adult co-op;
  • Get rid of boredom and monotony, bring a touch of adventurism into a gray everyday life.

Latex Gilrs in high fashion and stage culture

Modern designers and couturiers are increasingly implementing new ideas, including latex in their collections. Some French and other European fashion houses have collections of latex clothes in different styles and for different purposes.

Exclusive latex clothes are not ignored by representatives of show business. They are loved and appreciated for the brightness, shine, the ability to embody an erotic image on stage, in the movie, video clip. Many of these outfits went down in fashion history and contributed to the perception of latex clothing as an element of art.

Michelle Pfeiffer

The feline costume that the American actress tried on in Batman Returns was the most winning feature of her on-screen image. Her outfit looked stylish and harmonious.

Britney Spears

The star’s appearance in a latex jumpsuit in the “Oops!…I Did It Again” music video helped increase the fame and popularity of the iconic singer of the early 2000s.

Lady Gaga

This singer is no stranger to outrageous audiences. This time, she did something extravagant: she was not afraid of appearing in a latex dress at a meeting with the Queen of England. Judging by the reaction of Elisabeth, the monarch assessed the outfit positively.

More scandalous and flamboyant was the “naked” dress, in which Lady Gaga appeared on stage during one of her performances.

Kim Kardashian

One of the star’s most successful outings in public took place at the Met Gala in 2019. Kim’s discreet beige latex dress was lavishly decorated with beads and crystals imitating water droplets.


The fishtail dress the star wore on the Met Gala carpet created a well-deserved furore even among the sighted audience.

Eshelle Graham

The model appeared in public in a dark-red dress with cleavage, being on a decent term of pregnancy. At the Fashion Media Awards, the star looked very cute and natural.

Latex fetish clothing

It’s hard to imagine any other clothing and material that helps you to relax and let your fantasies run wild like latex. It is indispensable for embodying the epatage and provocation of fetish fashion costumes.

The most famous images are those of a cat suit with a zipper, nurse costumes, the merciless lady-dresser, the “space” alien, the cyber-goths. The most popular color is black, but other shades are often used depending on the image.


Girls In Latex