How we will make love in the metacommuniverse

How we will make love in the metacommuniverse

The digital world of the future works on-line-it’s not a game simulation, you can’t put a “stop” on what’s happening here. People here turn into avatars and can live the same life as in the ordinary world: work in a company, organize parties, meet people, and even engage in intimacy.

The possibility of cyber sex has been around since before the current meta-universes existed, in books and movies. Here are just a couple of examples.

The movie “Holy Motors Corporation. The main character wears a black latex suit with a huge number of sensors and becomes a participant in a racy video shoot.

An episode of the Black Mirror series “Viper Throw”. The main character is given a new version of the fighting game by his best friend, in which you can fully immerse yourself in the form of the chosen character. And so the friends first fight in a fight, and now they are passionately kissing, because in the game one of them plays a female character.

Viewers are faced with the question: Is cheating in virtual reality considered as such, or is it just a fantasy world?

So how does sex work in VR/AR?

Intimate relationships can be filmed by several Go Pro cameras and then combined in 3D. Also, both real people in special sensors and their avatars can create animations. For example, this is how Vex Ruby functions – a digital version of webvam-models, which communicate with users in on-line mode.

Another new technology in the world of on-line sex is teledildonics. These are various gadgets that work by bluetooth. This is what gives a real opportunity for couples to have intimacy at a distance from each other: the sex toy will copy the movements behind the user, and the partner will feel the touch and even body heat.

During the last pandemic, sales of such toys increased by as much as 50%!

There are already full-fledged suits with the transmission of touch tingling in different parts of the body, gloves that allow us to feel the volume and elasticity. It is also worth mentioning the devices that affect our sense of smell – it is the absolutely newest vector of technological movement, there are only about 10 of these devices in the whole world so far. It is possible that in the future metaverse users will be able to fully simulate their partner according to a variety of parameters, from finger length to skin fragrance.
It is already possible to almost completely simulate the presence of a person, and quite realistically, not fantastically.

The Potential and Benefits of Intimacy in VR\AR

Of course, intimacy in a virtual environment has a number of strong qualities. For example, the safety of health and life in principle. Here it is impossible to get pregnant, get any injuries, “a bunch of sicknesses” or even die. And in real life it is a serious risk: the new acquaintance may well be mentally deranged, but it will be too late.

Another important advantage is the freedom, looseness. In this limitless environment, people from different societies, nations, cultural strata, and even different genders can meet. In normal life, people with specific preferences and national prejudices may have difficulty finding a partner and end up alone.

In the metaverse, a person can feel free to manifest himself, to have freedom of choice, to lead an uninhibited intimate life without fear for his body and health, without looking back at the taboos of society.

Virtual reality brings together very different people.

It is the combination of anonymity and openness that gives a person in the metaverse the opportunity to talk about their most intimate matters without shame or fear. That is, a person begins to accept himself as he is, thereby improving his off-line relationships.

Virtual reality erases limitations, making people more open.

There is no escaping the fact that many people with disabilities have real difficulties with movement, communication and social activity in general. For these people, the ordinary world imposes a number of limitations and discourages them. The world of virtual reality can really help such people.

Possible risks of sex in the metaverse.

Despite a certain anonymity, still users continue to have doubts about the protection of their personal data, especially if we are talking about actions of an intimate nature.

The creators of meta-villages have already taken this into account when creating virtual spaces. For the safety of users, secure areas are being developed. For example, the Vi Ro Play space for adults will rent virtual rooms for privacy. It is possible to enter such a room only with a unique invitation link.

Another potential nuisance of intimacy in the metaverse has to do with aggressive molestation: twice in the last year girls have reported harassment and even gang rape in The horizon worlds. True, there was no tangible evidence, and one of the girls is the creator of the metaverse herself, so it could be seen as machinations by competitors. But Zuckerberg’s company promptly created a “security bubble”: an avatar cannot be closer than 1.2 meters to another avatar.

And, traditionally, a lot of psychologists believe that cyber sex will only create difficulties for real relationships and cause addiction, and that comparing yourself to beautiful avatars will lower your self-esteem.

But all this is a bit far-fetched, because in the real world every day we are compelled to compare ourselves not only with the pictures on TV and in social networks, but also with ordinary people that we see around us. This is how a person goes through the process of becoming a person, and the outcome is different for everyone.

As for harassment, in the metaverse, the user can turn off and leave at any second, unlike in the real world, where the danger cannot be stopped by the push of a button.

What happens next?

To summarize, the sex industry was, is, and will be. Definitely, in the new virtual world, specialized sites will be created and many will make money on this.

Regarding the issue of security, we can be calm: it will be controlled tightly and probably automatically.

The world is constantly changing, but one thing remains constant: the desire of people to communicate with each other and experience the emotions of intimate relationships.

In any case, long-distance sex is not yet commonplace in society, but the rapid development of the metaverse is sure to increase its popularity.

What do you think about it? Will intimacy in VR replace the real thing?

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